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Experts in silicon biostimulant technology 

We take a novel approach to improving crop production

Reflecting the needs of customers and nature

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Suppliers of products and solutions for sustainable crop production 

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Established in 2005, Orion is a pioneer in silicon-based biostimulant technology and a lead provider of plant nutrient solutions. 

We have developed novel product formulations that stimulate natural plant defence mechanisms, with application across all sectors including agriculture, horticulture, ornamentals, amenity and forestry 
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Orion's unique and advanced iNHiB™ technology delivers bioactive, plant-available silicon to enhance natural plant defences, thereby deterring pest and pathogen attack.

Our Products

Orion products are widely established on a range of crops due to their effectiveness and favourable environmental profile.

They complement integrated pest management programs and are used to support, enhance, as well as protect, traditional chemistry. With increased consumer demand for healthy and affordable food, our products support the European Farm to Fork strategy. 
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Over the past 15 years Orion has grown significantly.

From our operational base in the United Kingdom, we have established sales in 20 countries around the world including Europe, Africa and Central America. 
Part of the Milbank Group

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