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Glaia Fragaria

A one-of–a-kind biostimulant unlocking the real potential of photosynthesis in strawberry plants. With a simple foliar spray of Fragaria - and no other changes to your existing processes - you’ll increase your production and your profit.

No matter what fertilisers, enhancements and optimisations you apply to crops, your efforts will always be limited by the process of photosynthesis. It’s massively inefficient, typically wasting around 99% of solar energy.

Drawing inspiration from the carbon-based nano-materials found in nature, Glaia uses a synthetic version to open up the photosynthetic process inside plant cells so they can take in more solar energy and convert it into more biomass.
It fine tunes nature’s engine, opening up the values to increase efficiency at a cellular level.

Produced by Glaia Ltd, distributed by Orion Future Technology.

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