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Our Sustainability Commitment

We appreciate that all life on earth is under threat of extinction and believe that reducing the harm to our planet is the greatest challenge we face.

Our aim is to be the UK's most sustainable supplier of high-quality plant nutrient solutions, and we are committed to reaching net-zero for our scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2030 or sooner.

Our Purpose

To support the sustainable improvement of plant health, quality, and yield. 

Our Vision

To be a national and international leader in knowledge and supply of silicon biostimulants that benefit plant production and quality. Increasing data and science-based understanding of silicon application to support sustainable growing practices and integrated pest management. 

Our Values


We're committed to doing business for good. We minimise our environmental footprint while maximizing innovation to ensure a sustainable future for our company and the planet. This means making responsible choices that lead to long-term financial stability and developing solutions that meet real needs.


We believe success is measured beyond the bottom line. While financial health is essential for our long-term sustainability, we prioritise the well-being of our people, customers, and communities. We foster a culture of respect, acknowledging that everyone has human needs that deserve consideration. Family, environment, and compassion are guiding principles in our decision-making process.


Integrity is our guiding principle. We walk the walk, keeping our promises and treating everyone with fairness – from employees and customers to suppliers, our community, and the industry as a whole. We prioritise doing what's right, even when it's not the easiest or most lucrative path. This commitment to ethical practices builds trust and strengthens our relationships with all stakeholders.


We believe work should be fulfilling, not just functional. We foster positive and engaging work environments that prioritise employee well-being. We empower our team members with opportunities for growth and development, investing in their potential and career aspirations.

Kate Williams, R&D Agronomist

"Sustainability is a cornerstone of Orion’s operations and integral to our mission of responsible business practices. In an era where environmental stewardship and social responsibility are paramount, we recognize the imperative for sustainable practices in the crop production industry."

"We understand the critical role fertilisers and PPP's play in global agriculture and food security. However, we also acknowledge the environmental challenges associated with their production and use. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to lead by example, minimizing our environmental footprint and maximizing our positive impact on society."

Orion are committed to a process of Continuous Improvement:

  • We will invest in research and development to develop innovative, sustainable biostimulant products with reduced environmental impact.
  • We will promote efficient and responsible use of fertilisers and biostimulants among our customers, emphasizing practices that enhance soil health and reduce nutrient runoff.
  • We will regularly assess and review our sustainability performance, setting ambitious targets and striving for continuous improvement.
  • We will collaborate with industry partners, stakeholders, and experts to exchange best practices and drive positive change across the growing sector.
This commitment to sustainability reflects our dedication to creating shared value for our stakeholders and leaving a positive legacy for future generations. By adhering to these principles, we will not only safeguard the environment and enhance social well-being but also ensure the long-term success and resilience of Orion.

What have we done so far?

  • Switched all company vehicles to either hybrid or fully electric.
  • Switched all energy tariffs for those working from home to green energy suppliers.

Our plans moving forward

  • To reduce our overall carbon footprint to net zero by 2030.
  • To become the UK's most sustainable supplier of high-quality plant nutrient solutions.

Part of the Milbank Group

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