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May 2023

Silicon key to sugar beet aphid management

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Apr 2023

Crop data shows benefit of silicon

As featured within the April 2023 edition of Crop Production Magazine: ever-increasing ...

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Feb 2023

Silicon linked to lower copper levels in wine grapes

Trials on UK grape vines have shown that applying silicon as a foliar spray can help reduce excessive accumulation of copper, which can affect the sensory qu...

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Oct 2022

New BYDV treatment available as risk rises

An unseasonably early harvest and record-breaking temperatures have increased the risk of yield loss from barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV). BYDV can cause yi...

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Sep 2022

Silicon strengthens crops against slugs

Tests have shown that the use of silicon as a seed treatment and foliar spray can strengthen crops against slug damage. Sirius is a biostimulant with 21% sil...

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Jul 2022

Strengthen OSR against CSFB

The sustainability of OSR yields in the UK has been questioned since the restrictions on neonicotinoids. However, a series of trials has shown that strengthe...

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Jun 2022

Rigel-G provides cherries with greater resistance to SWD

In a NIAB orchard trial, a crop of cherries treated with the silicon biostimulant showed a 50% reduction in the number of emerging spotted wing drosophila (S...

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May 2022

Leading biostimulant provider confirmed for Caspian Agro Exhibition

Orion Future Technology (FT) offers a range of biostimulant products, including silicon biostimulants which enhance the natural defences of a plant to protec...

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Apr 2022

Silicon Solutions in IPM Approaches

Silicon is being developed as "a biostimulant to deliver a range of soil and crop health benefits" reports Jo Bellett of Farmers Guardian - 1st April 2022.Re...

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Aug 2021

CSFB Management with Sirius

Sirius is an easy-to-use liquid formulation of silicon, manufactured in such a way that the active ingredient, monosilicic acid (silicon), is immediately ava...

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Jun 2021

The Benefits of Silicon to Plants

Silicon is a natural element which makes up almost 90% of the earths crust and is commonly found as sand (silicate dioxide). Using our iNHiB Technology we ma...

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May 2021

Orion FT appoints Kate Williams as new Technical Manager

Orion FT has appointed Kate Williams as technical manager to drive the technical development and applications of their silicon-based crop nutrients.Kate has ...

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Dec 2020

The benefits of Bioactive Silicon in Strawberry Fertigation

Trials run over successive years have statically proven the benefits of applying Sirius to strawberries via fertigation lines. Trials run by the University o...

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Nov 2020

Open for Business - 02/11/2020

Open for Business - Our COVIDsafe policies and proceduresFollowing on from the latest information provided by the Government in regard to the continuation of...

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Oct 2020

Silicon – the forgotten nutrient

New research is adding grist to the mill when it comes to the use of silicon on crops and how it could help growers reduce their reliance on plant protection...

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Sep 2020

Acquisition of Orion Future Technology

Orion FT complements the Milbank Group’s already diverse range of agricultural businesses including ARK Agriculture Ltd and Thomas & Fontaine Ltd (tradin...

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