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Orion is a pioneer in silicon-based biostimulant technology and a lead provider of plant nutrient solutions.

We are dedicated to broadening our understanding of the benefits that Silicon offers to individual plant species and the impact it has when applied at different timings. 

In collaboration with leading universities around the world, we utilise the latest scientific research to develop new, innovative, safe and effective products. In doing so, we are able to ensure that our products remain at the forefront of safe and sustainable global food production. 

Our enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional team is committed to providing technical solutions together with excellent service to growers and our customers. 

Meet the team

We have developed novel product formulations that stimulate natural plant defence mechanisms, with application across all sectors including agriculture, horticulture, ornamentals, amenity and forestry.

Broadacre Arable and Root Crops
Edible and Speciality Crops
Managed Turf
Arboriculture and Nursery Production
Floriculture and Nursery Production

We are passionate about the benefits that silicon brings to modern farming practices and its incorporation into sustainable, integrated crop management

Orion products are widely established on a range of crops due to their effectiveness and favourable environmental profile.

Part of the Milbank Group

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