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Orion's unique and advanced iNHiB™ technology delivers bioactive, plant-available silicon to enhance natural plant defences, thereby deterring pest and pathogen attack.

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Silicon (Si) is the second most abundant element on the planet and has 3 main functions that relate to plant growth. As a soil conditioner; long-chain silicon polymers, that are not bioactive, help bind soil particles to reduce leaching and increase aeration. As a bioregulator; bioactive silicon aids growth whilst a plant is under conditions of stress. As a structural component; bioactive silicon is accumulated within plants, increasing the strength and resilience of cell walls.

As a fertiliser, silicon exists in different forms, with each form varying in terms of its characteristics and availability to plants. Silicon must be in the form of monosilicic acid in order to ensure that it is freely accessible to plants, for immediate uptake and utilisation.
Our unique and advanced iNHiB™ technology results in the formulation of a stable, bioactive monosilicic acid within our products. This bioactive silicon is immediately available to be laid down within plants, thus enhancing their natural defences. Extensive research by the University of Hertfordshire has demonstrated how iNHiB™-formulated silicon works in practice. Treated plants show an increase in cuticle thickness, leaf hair strength, length and density, along with the formation of phytoliths. These enhanced characteristics make a plant more resilient and less vulnerable to pests and disease attack.

Accumulation of Silicon within a leaf

Accumulation of Silicon within a leaf diagram

The diverse benefits of silicon have been well documented and researched. A report by the AHDB reviewing the available literature on biostimulants, cited the following benefits of Silicon; 

The advantages conferred by silicon complements integrated crop management programs and the move to Conservation Agriculture. iNHiB™ technology has been developed and refined over many years, and is now recognised as a reliable method of delivering bioactive silicon that increases plant resilience. This can help growers adapt to a changing horzion, by reducing reliance on plant protection products to create a more sustainable and robust cropping system.
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