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21% bio available silicon, to enhance natural plant resilience

Many plant species, especially grasses, can take up silicon in amounts comparable to macronutrients. This high concentration of silicon in the plant contributes to plant mechanical strength. Besides a structural role, silicon may help protect plants from both abiotic and biotic stress, by improving the plant's defence response. For some crops, silicon fertilization of soils increases crop yield even under favourable growing conditions and in the absence of disease.

Specific benefits observed due to silicon nutrition are extensive:

  • Direct stimulation of growth, photosynthetic efficiency and yield.
  • Improvement of nutrient uptake and usage efficiency.
  • Stimulation of plant signalling volatiles used to trigger immune responses and attract natural predators.
  • Alleviates various environmental stresses. Silicon protects against lodging, drought, temperature extremes, freezing, UV irradiation, and chemical stresses including salt, heavy metals, and nutrient imbalances


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