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Aug 2021 | Article

CSFB Management with Sirius

Download PDF - 'Enhancing pest resilience of crops with silicon'

Sirius is an easy-to-use liquid formulation of silicon, manufactured in such a way that the active ingredient, monosilicic acid (silicon), is immediately available for uptake and utilisation by the plant. Originally launched by Orion in 2005, recent trials have confirmed new applications for this established product.

Silicon has many documented benefits, although James Kennedy, Commercial Director at Orion, is keen to point out a focused approach.
“Silicon can be valuable to many crops and in many ways throughout the growing season, however, we are targeting individual problems. This enables us to give specific advice based on robust trials that can aid farmers in their approach to growing challenges.”  
He continues; “For example, PhD research at the University of Hertfordshire has demonstrated that applications of Sirius increase the thickness of the leaf cuticle. They also showed an increase in the leaf hair length, density, and strength, along with an increase in the number of phytoliths on the leaf surface. We have taken this evidence and investigated how it can be useful in protecting oilseed rape crops from cabbage stem flea beetle grazing. “ 
Trials conducted last year by i2L Research showed oilseed rape seedlings treated with Sirius suffered significantly less grazing by adult cabbage stem flea beetles than untreated plants. The same result was also replicated on early emerged wheat seedlings. Those treated with Sirius suffered significantly less grazing from slugs.
James adds, “Under the new fertiliser regulations due to come into force next year, silicon will be classified as a biostimulant and will require data to back any claims. It is therefore important to use silicon products like Sirius that have supporting evidence to validate recommendations.” 
Kate Williams, Technical Manager at Orion adds, “To protect oilseed rape against adult flea beetle we recommend an application of Sirius at 0.5L/Ha applied in tank mix with lambda cyhalothrin. Trials have shown a synergistic effect of this mix, increasing the efficacy of the insecticide on adult flea beetle mortality. The application therefore has a dual effect, Sirius provides enhanced protection of the crop, whilst the mix targets the pest directly.”
Kate concludes; “Silicon is not a silver bullet to managing cabbage stem flea beetle but should be seen as a vital component of an IPM strategy to tackle the pest.”
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Sirius is manufactured in the UK and available now. 
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