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May 2022 | News

Leading biostimulant provider confirmed for Caspian Agro Exhibition

Orion Future Technology (FT) offers a range of biostimulant products, including silicon biostimulants which enhance the natural defences of a plant to protect against pest and pathogen attack.

Established in 2005, Orion FT is a pioneer in silicon-based biostimulant technology and a leading provider of plant nutrient solutions. Nine silicon products are currently available, with Sirius, a 21% silicon biostimulant, the most popular for improving plant health and protecting crops against insects.

Managing Director, James Kennedy says:

Whilst we specialise in products containing silicon, we also have a wide range of liquid fertilisers and a liquid plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) called Pluton which contains naturally occurring bacteria to improve germination, enhance rooting, stimulate growth, and increase yield.

Orion’s products will be distributed in Azerbaijan by the PR-Agrogroup from 2022 onwards. Mr Kennedy says,

We are working closely with Peter Parr of PR-Agrogroup who has over 35 years of experience in the industry. He has been recommending our products to UK farmers for many years and is familiar with the benefits they offer commercial growers. We see this partnership as an excellent fit and look forward to building the silicon sector in Azerbaijan together.
Orion Sirius Silicon Biostimulant
Silicon is the world’s second most abundant element but developing products that can release its benefits to plants is how Orion FT has taken a global lead. “Our enhanced iNHiB™Technology makes silicon available to crops in its monosilisilic form and once absorbed, this enables silicon to be deposited within and between the cells of the plant. It has been proven to increase wheat yields and reduce damage caused by grazing pests such as cabbage stem flea beetle and slugs,” says Mr Kennedy.

Plant and soil health is at the heart of the research and development Orion FT has brought to the agricultural market. “With soil structures around the world suffering from intensive farming, the use of silicon products can really help to strengthen crops. Stronger plants will also withstand climatic and abiotic stress more effectively,” he adds. 

With climate extremes becoming more common, Orion FT is pushing hard to emphasise the benefits of products that can improve plant and soil health. “To attend the Caspian Agro exhibition in Baku is a great opportunity for us to show how biostimulants are helping farmers grow a wide variety of crops, from strawberries to wheat, and how our products can help with the agricultural challenges of global food production,” he concludes.
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